Smartphones Oppo be charged in 15 minutes thanks to SuperVOOC

Batteries are still the Achilles heel of smartphones today, despite the progress made ​​with higher capacities and lower consumption of components. One of the fields more progress is to fast charging, and OPPO today announced the second generation of its VOOC MWC Fast loading technology.

Oppo says that SuperVOOC, smartphones can fully charge a battery of 2500 mAh in just 15 minutes with just 5 minutes of charging, support up to about two hours of talk time.

It is certainly a breakthrough. By way of comparison, QuickCharge 3.0, the latest revision of the latest technology Qualcomm promises to charge 80 percent battery 2750 mAh in 35 minutes.

According to Oppo, the SuperVOOC technology is safe, although it will need specially designed for standard batteries. At the moment, it is unknown when will debut this new technology, but probably do so with the new flagship smartphone manufacturer will arrive in the near future.

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